Balance Point: Acclaimed National Bestseller

In its first days of release Balance Point is already a national SF bestseller and acclaimed by respected reviewers: 

“Back in 2004, Buettner’s maiden offering [Orphanage was] a compelling slice of military SF, with a lot of humanism about it, full of realistic warfare and politics, nice characterizations, pathos, heroics and thrills…in Balance Point… what the happy reader gets is not the heavy-duty combat of the first series, but  more of a spy-type adventure, mixed with a personal and emotional odyssey…Buettner builds an agreeable and believable relationship… reminiscent of the husband and wife spies in Heinlein’s “Gulf”… fashions attractively gritty… venues … conducts his thriller action with suspense and plausibility…and all the separate threads balance neatly [as] Buettner carries forward nobly a kind of core SF tale…offering entertainment aplenty with thoughtful meditations on how humanity can get along with itself—or not!” – Locus

“Fans of classic military SF will enjoy the twists and quips” — PublishersWeekly



One Response to “Balance Point: Acclaimed National Bestseller”

  1. Brian Pearson Says:

    Just finished ‘Overkill’ after reading ‘Balance Point; and ‘Orphanage’. For me, it’s a SF universe where Jason Dinalt of ‘Deathworld’ merges with Miles Vorkosigan of Barrayar on board the Space Beagle… Enjoyable reads, but they leave me chagrined at my own lack of imagination and writing talent — oh, but to be, even for a moment, an H. Beam Piper, a Lois McMaster Bujold, a Don Hawthorne, or a Philip E. High…or a Robert Buettner…
    Brian Pearson

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