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Undercurrents: “a rollicking dollop of Heinlein,” in mass market paperback August 28, 2012

June 30, 2012

  Undercurrents, book 2 in the Orphan’s Legacy series from Baen books, will be re-released in mass market paperback August 28, 2012.  Undercurrents remains available for ebook formats via Baen webscriptions,  and as an audiobook from,

“A rollicking, fast paced Science Fiction adventure. Buettner’s world may be rife with social and political issues, but the story itself is simply fun, with touches of humor, romance and a few surprises that will delight science fiction fans.” – The Guilded Earlobe

“The ending…elevates the novel from good to great reading…Buettner has channeled a little bit of Scalzi, a little bit of Haldeman, and a dollop of Heinlein for a stimulating science fiction story of military prowess and heroism set in a universe not yet at full-fledged war.” – Grasping For The Wind

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