New Short Story from Robert Buettner

My original short story Sticks and Stones is now on the shelves, in the anthology Armored, edited by John Joseph Adams.  The as-always spectacular cover art is by the venerable Kurt Miller, who also did the cover for my most recent novel, Undercurrents.

MyinterviewaboutSticksandStones part of Armored ‘s website.

The website, here also includes a few of the stories, free (although not Sticks and Stones).

Most of the stories in Armored are about powered armor (imagine that).  But Orson Scott Card’s foreword (which is among the website’s freebies) relates more to the leapfrog history of armaments than to gorilla suits.  So it ties more closely to my Sticks and Stones than to the other stories in the collection.

You can also get the anthology for ereaders here

To quote Ferris Bueller,  “If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”  In fact, I recommend that you pick up two.


2 Responses to “New Short Story from Robert Buettner”

  1. Jerry Taylor Says:

    And it is a damned good one too!

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