Very Best Stuff at Renovation WorldCon Reno

What are the best things to do at Reno WorldCon?

My (biased) advice?

Witness the Dino rumble with Bob Sawyer, me and others (Thursday 2pm room A10), also known as Creating Believable Paleontology.

Sip a mocha with me and other fans at my  Kaffeeklatsch (Friday 10am in the Registration Lobby – it’s free, sign up or walk-up).

Preview Sticks and Stones, my short story for the 2012 anthology,  Armoredlearn about the maybe movie, or whatever else you always wanted to know (Friday, 1pm, room A14).

Discover Why the Left Still Loves Military Science Fiction with SFWA Grand Master Joe Haldeman, Eric Flint, Baen publisher Toni Weisskopf, Taylor Anderson, and me (Friday 5pm, room A05).

Win free books (including my latest, Undercurrents) and learn what’s new from Baen Books at Baen’s multi-media fest (Saturday noon, room A11. Come early -it’s always jammed.  Free stuff will do that.)

Score an autograph and/or a visit with me (SFWA table in the Dealer’s Room, Saturday, 4 pm-6pm, or the Main Hall autograph tables, Sunday, noon-1pm)

Learn why the legendary Robert Heinlein continues to impact science fiction, with his biographer, Hugo-nominated Bill Patterson, Harry Turtledove, Jim Frenkel, Lee Martindale, and me (Sunday, 1pm, room A10).

Or you could spend a week playing the nickel slots.


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