FAQs about my FREE short story, Mole Hunt

Mole Hunt is my new short story published in June, 2011.

FAQs about Mole Hunt:

What is it?  Mole Hunt is a short story that takes place in the “universe” created in the five book Orphanage series and two (so far) book Orphan’s Legacy series.

How do I buy it?  You don’t.  It’s free.  Go to www.Baen.com and there it is, beginning on the home page and available to read in its entirety.  After it’s headline run on the homepage, Mole Hunt will continue to be available in the Baen Free Library online.  Eventually, it, and other such short stories by Baen authors may be assembled into a tree-killer physical anthology.  That, however, won’t be free.

Chronologically, where does Mole Hunt fit?  Mole Hunt takes place just after the end of Undercurrents, the just-released second book in the Orphan’s Legacy series, and thus just after the end of the seventh overall “Orphan” book.

Eeeww.  I have to read seven books or I won’t understand this story?  Nope.  It’s a stand-alone story.  If I didn’t just tell you, you’d never need to know anything went before Mole Hunt.  On the other hand, if you have read the prior parts of the series, you will recognize and enjoy revisiting plenty that you will find in Mole Hunt.

The intro says the story is Shakespeare.  That doesn’t sound like the Jason Wander – Jazen Parker Orphan books.  If you get the Shakespeare connection, cool.  If you don’t, you’ll never miss it.



2 Responses to “FAQs about my FREE short story, Mole Hunt”

  1. MJ Says:


    I’d like to congratulate you on “Mole Hunt”, which I’ve just read from baen website. Thank you very much, it was a thoroughly enjoyable story. Very well written, suspenseful, wow! I think it must have deserved a SF prize! And I’ve read much SF to feel if a story would deserve a Prize or not!
    Thank you again

    Have a nice day, Sir.

    MJ from France

    • robertbuettner Says:

      Merci. Thanks for your kind words. The story won no prizes, but appreciation like yours is as good or better.

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