Win Free Stuff – New Series Edition

The Problem: The series that began with Overkill in March, 2011, and continues with Undercurrents July 5, 2011 is the follow-on to the five Jason Wander/Orphanage books.

Most of you have read all the books.  But some of you have read the Jason Wander series, but not Overkill, and some of you have read only Overkill.

The Solution:  We at are encouraging readers to review Overkill.  In this we are motivated wholly by a spirit of public service, rather than any desire to increase readership.  And the Himalayas are made of fudge ripple.

The Bribes:  We here at are fresh out of Carribean vacations for two (you’ll have to read Overkill).  But we do have signed copies (physical books, not ebooks or audio books, because those are hard to sign) of any and all of the books, including forthcoming Undercurrents, when it comes out in a little over a month.  We even have SWAG promotional items like signed posters, and signed Orphanage camo flashlights.

We will be giving away four “first prizes,” winners-choice, from the bottomless authorial treasure chest.  We reserve the right to award additional  prizes if we feel like it.  Why would we feel like it?  If you are serving on active duty in the US or allied armed services, odds are good.

How to Enter:

1.  Post a review (preferably but not neccessarily gushingly favorable) of Overkill online, then send the link to   Do note whether you are on active duty, or tell us who the prize would go to who is serving. If you are entering to WIN Overkill and have not read it, feel free to substitute a review or reviews of any of the other five Robert Buettner books.

2.  Where might you post?  On the reviewed book’s page on, for example, or the book’s pages at Borders, Barnes & Noble, or Waterstone’s in the UK.  On your own ‘blog or webpage.  On a ‘blog or webpage you visit.  In an e’zine.  Reviews in hard copy publications are fine, too, but an electronic or hard copy of the review would have to reach us (P.O. Box 9, Lebanon, GA 30146) before the entry deadline.  Yes, school newspapers, Battalion newsletters, etc. count.  No length requirements or restrictions.

3.  Entry deadline?  Working links or hard copy received at by midnight, US Eastern Standard Time June 30, 2011 will be eligible.

4.  Four winners will be selected at random from eligible entries.  Additonal winners, if any, will be selected from among the remaining entries based upon the caprice, whim, and hubris of the panel of judges.

5.  Winners will be notified by return email, along with detailed information on available prizes.

6.  Other Stuff:  Winners don’t pay shipping, the bottomless authorial treasure chest does.   If you are Ayman al Zawahiri, please include return address or current GPS coordinates. Taxes are the responsibility of the winner, but the books retail for between US$7.99 and US$15.00, for crying out loud.  By entering, reviewers agree that their reviews or excerpts from them may be republished (real names/email addresses will be excluded on prior request) without further notice or obligation.   


One Response to “Win Free Stuff – New Series Edition”

  1. Beulah Says:

    This is exactly the 4th blog post, of yours I went through.
    Nevertheless I actually like this 1, Horizontal Blinds “Win Free Stuff – New Series Edition | Robert
    Buettner” the most. Regards ,Emma

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