Deadly Slugs Invade France

In November, 2010, the new Eclipse imprint of Bibliotheque Interdite released Orphanage’s French-language edition, Les Orphelins.  Take a look at Eclipse’s stylish youtube trailer for Eclipse’s November lineup (it was supposed to be their October lineup, but France was on strike-seriously) including Les Orphelins, here:

Eclipse also asked me to create a “Chinese Portrait,” a brief interview format popular with French readers.  In English, it read like this:

Robert Buettner’s Chinese Portrait
If you were a quality?  Perseverance (what I call it) 

If you were a flaw?  Stubbornness (what my wife calls it)  

If you were a work of art?  Something that hangs in the Louvre. It’s the only way I could ever afford a place in Paris. 
If you were a sound?  One hand clapping (without my wife); a symphony (with her)  
If you were a song/music?  Something too complex to be reduced to a ring tone.
If you were a word?  A short, meaningful one.

If you were a time period?  The late Cretaceous. Like life, lots of roaring and screaming, followed by a loud bang and chilly silence.

If you were a personage of fiction?  Yoda. What could be better than eight hundred years of life without a single text message?

If you were an animal?  Something that hibernates.

If you were a celestial object or body?  Mousetrap, a hollowed out moonlet that exists in my books. It serves as an interstellar crossroad. Why Mousetrap? Because I’ve met so many interesting people there.

If you were a motto/a quotation?  “Expect the worst from the gods of war, and they will seldom disappoint you.” – General Jason Wander, narrator of the Orphanage series

If you were a movie?  Le Course en Tete, the documentary about the cyclist Eddy Merckx.

If you were a book?  I already am. A novelist whose essence isn’t in the novel has failed.

You can see my Chinese Portrait here, as it appears in French on the Eclipse site/’blog, which you should check anyway, because it is wicked slick.  However, I’m pretty sure my patois American lost quite a bit in translation:

3 Responses to “Deadly Slugs Invade France”

  1. Nick Sharps Says:

    I just started reading Overkill yesterday and I love it! Orphanage has always been one of my favorite military sci-fi novels but I think Overkill might eclipse it. I love the universe you’ve created and how it’s progressed since the end of the Slug War. One of my pet peeves about science fiction is that humans always seem to develop a singular galaxy spanning government and I appreciate that you’ve dodged that. I also really liked how the novel is set up and the idea of child birth being a capital crime on Yavet. I think I may end up liking Jazen Parker even more than Jason Wander. I’m just really blown away by how original this book seems. I saw on Amazon that the sequel is out this year? I was just wondering if that was true. Thanks a lot!

  2. robertbuettner Says:

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