Peculiarities from Abroad

Normally, in books as well as films, the first in a series typically is the biggest seller.  Stands to reason.  Not all fans who see book or movie 1 will return for number 2, no matter the quality.  Few will begin in the middle, and those who do are likely to go back and pick up the story.

However, the Chinese language edition of book 2 of the Jason Wander series, Orphan’s Destiny, is outselling book 1, Orphanage.  Counterintuitive.  Dare I say inscrutable? 

It may be the covers.  Chinese  Orphanage  depicts the alien enemy as spiders with blood-dripping fangs.  At the risk of a spoiler, the Slugs actually look like, well, big slugs.  So Chinese cover artistic license evidently extends to a phylum shift.  Chinese Orphan’s Destiny, on the other hand, depicts alien warships that remind me of the floating martians in the 1950s film version of War of the Worlds

But in the UK editions, book 3, Orphan’s Journey, is minutely outselling book 2, Orphan’s Destiny.   Nope, can’t be the covers – the UK covers mirror the US covers.

In the Czech Republic, the covers (book 3 was released by Fantom Print in March) are consistently old-school SF, but the sales fresh.

I dunno.  I’m just glad readers are enjoying the series.     


2 Responses to “Peculiarities from Abroad”

  1. R3 Says:

    I’ve often wondered how much control, if any, an author had over the cover of his works. I figured it wasn’t much — again I use the phrase “if any”.

    Case in point; John Hemry, aka Jack Campbell, and his “Lost Fleet” series. He commented on this once on his site that the covers of this series usually depict an armed soldier with an appropriately big sci-fi looking gun. Considering the books are about, basically, large fleet space battles, it’s an odd choice. (The covers would be better suited to his “Stark’s War” series. At least the publishers got the “JAG in space” series covers right.)

    Stumbled across the Jason Wander series via my Kindle when I was looking for some new military sci-fi to read, and very happy I did. Have purchased the entire series and will keep a lookout for the next installment.

  2. Pure Says:

    I am from czech republic and cover from fantom print is really ugly compared to the original which looks awesome

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