Big Year for Orphans

2008 was busy for the Jason Wander series, and for its author.

In January, I was honored to serve as Marscon 2008’s Writer Guest of Honor, in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Great Con, with great guests and great people.

In April Little Brown Orbit released Orphan’s Journey, Jason Wander book 3,  in the US and Canada.  Books 1 and 2 were simultaneously reissued with updated, matching covers.  By year end, all three had reprinted, and Orphan’s Journey had made local bestseller lists as far away as Australia. 

If you don’t speak Bookbiz, “reprint” means the books exceeded the publishers’ and booksellers’ expectations by selling through their original print runs, so they had to print more.  Publishers often first-print a gazillion copies of a book with buzz-building fanfare, but sell only a half-gazillion, and eventually destroy the unsold paper mountain.  Either way can be profitable, but selling through and reprinting is easier on the planet.    

Of course, the publisher, in its prior Time-Warner Aspect corporate identity, had already reprinted the original 2004 and 2005 releases of books 1 and 2 several times.  In fact, I believe Orphanage  in English is now selling into its tenth reprint, counting US, UK and book club editions.

Speaking of editions, May, 2008 also saw the release of Spanish and Czech language editions  of book 2, El Destino del Huerfano and Sirotkov Osud, respectively.

In August, Orbit released the aforementioned UK editions of books 1, 2 and 3.  August also gave me the chance to renew acquaintances with authors and booksellers I know from my years in Colorado, at WorldCon 2008, aka Denvention 3, in the Mile-High city. 

September was my chance to renew acquaintances with 35,000 of my closest friends at Atlanta’s DragonCon.

In November, the UK edition of Orphanage reprinted, and the production process for book 5, Orphan’s Triumph, which will be released in both US and UK editions in Spring, 2009, was well underway.

What’s on tap for 2009?  Come back In January, and I’ll fill you in.

Happy New Year!


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