News About the Jason Wander Books

In case you were wondering:  Amazon began shipping Orphan’s Alliance yesterday.  In fact, they evidently shipped some preorders before that, because I’ve already gotten fan mail from a reader in Germany who had already gotten his.  Notwithstanding the moved-up 10/28/08 release date, apparently many bookstores won’t be putting the books out on the shelves until the original 11/1/08 date.  Also, the electronic editions for the various formats won’t hit the ‘net until 11/1/08.

Over at SF Signal’s Mind Meld, I joined a lively debate with the likes of John Scalzi and David Brin about Buzz Aldrin’s complaint that current science fiction has killed interest in space exploration.  Check it out:
And Fandomania today carries Kelly Melcher’s review of the reissue of Orphanage.


One Response to “News About the Jason Wander Books”

  1. KevG Says:

    Just got mine from amazon and loved it !
    Now waiting for ‘Triumph….

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