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News About the Jason Wander Books

October 29, 2008

In case you were wondering:  Amazon began shipping Orphan’s Alliance yesterday.  In fact, they evidently shipped some preorders before that, because I’ve already gotten fan mail from a reader in Germany who had already gotten his.  Notwithstanding the moved-up 10/28/08 release date, apparently many bookstores won’t be putting the books out on the shelves until the original 11/1/08 date.  Also, the electronic editions for the various formats won’t hit the ‘net until 11/1/08.

Over at SF Signal’s Mind Meld, I joined a lively debate with the likes of John Scalzi and David Brin about Buzz Aldrin’s complaint that current science fiction has killed interest in space exploration.  Check it out:
And Fandomania today carries Kelly Melcher’s review of the reissue of Orphanage.


SF’s Family Tree

October 25, 2008

Ever get fuzzy about where new/old Space Opera leaves off and old/new Steampunk begins?  Not to mention Nanonormal Xenobotic Romance?

If so, look at the series Fandomania’s Kelly Melcher has going, defining and discussing the branches of SF’s ever-broadening family tree.

Kelly hasn’t gotten to Military SF yet (it’s an upcoming installment), but she saw enough Space Opera in Orphanage to cite it there.

Testing brand-new Orphan’s Alliance

October 15, 2008

Ford Madox Ford, the 1920s English author and critic who Hemingway immortalized as Braddocks in The Sun  also Rises, may be better known for saying, “Open the book to page ninety-nine and read, and the quality of the whole will be revealed to you.”  Silly?  Enough not silly that the literaryblog The Page 99 Test applies the test to fiction and non-fiction works all across the book spectrum.

They honored just-released Orphan’s Alliance by daring me to apply the Page 99 Test.

See what happened at The Page 99 Test: Orphan’s Alliance.