Give it up for the Paleozoic!

SF wallows in the Mesozoic Era (T. rex?  Gasp! You have a T. rex?)  The Cenozoic Era gets its due from mammoths, cave bears, and Neanderthals. 

But the Paleozoic Era gets scant love.  Of course not, you say.  Clams, frogs, the rise of the ferns.  You would sooner read the legislative history of the Glass-Steagall Act.  If you know an SF novel about the Paleozoic, it’s probably Robert Silverberg’s 1968 Hawksbill Station.  The Paleozoic was so boring that Silverberg exiled future politcal prisoners to it.

Now, as a former invertebrate paleontologist, this literary slight wounds me.  What libido fantasizeth not about a pyritized brachiopod with a well-turned lophophore (look it up)?  No matter that I, myself, fled paleo for law, rather than catalogue blastoids for six years.  Okay, Duhig v Peavey Moore Lumber was no page-turner, either.  But lawyering did put shoes on the kids.

Anyway, on October 28, 2008 the Paleozoic earns its moment in the SF sun.  Jason Wander, high school dropout, accidental Major General, terminal wise ass and reluctant hero returns in Jason Wander 4, Orphan’s Alliance.  Alliance continues as military science fiction with a healthy disdain for the military’s foibles and a deep respect for those who endure them.  But, like book 3, Orphan’s Journey, Alliance will take you and Jason somewhere military SF doesn’t generally go.


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