What happens at WorldCon stays at…Nah

For those of you who waited in line to get your Jason Wander books signed, thanks.  For those of you who waited in line thinking you were in the adjacent line to get your Connie Willis books signed, thanks for making me look more popular.  For those of you who got to the head of the line and couldn’t tell you weren’t in Connie’s line, dude, get that prescription checked!

Denvention boasted spacious, modern, albeit far flung venues.  Probably the least costumed Con I’ve attended.  That may have been a function of those far flung venues, coupled with hot summer days.

In my Con-going experience, every panel has an audience member or panelist who just loves to hear themself talk, though eventually no one else in the room does.  EXCEPT every panel I was on at Denvention, which were genuinely balanced, vigorous and terrific.

The Heinlein Society blood donation drive drew like the Con was full of ersatz vampires – which it was.

Neatest thing, for me:  A video of Heinlein’s WorldCon 1976 speech, in his hometown of Kansas City.  All I had seen of Heinlein “in person” before that was a sterile interview snippet with Walter Cronkite during the first moon landing.  This one was particularly revealing because Heinlein had to ad lib due to a death in his family that robbed his usual extensive preparation.  The speech was as crisp as Heinlein’s characteristic white dinner jacket and as trimmed as his Boston Blackie moustache.


2 Responses to “What happens at WorldCon stays at…Nah”

  1. Bob Carlson Says:

    I was in the front row at the Star Law panel seated directly in front of you. I was the bald guy with the glassy look in his eyes.

    It was a good panel, though I personally could have done without the fellow in the hat to your left. I was secretly wondering if that hat was lined with aluminum foil.

    When you were asked about the basis for the courts martial in your ORPHANAGE series I kept wanting to throw you a cue of “UCMJ.” I knew you would understand it, but it would have been funny to see how many blank stares you got.

    I’ve enjoyed your series immensely and am looking forward to the fifth installment.

  2. robertbuettner Says:

    Thanks for the comment.

    For those blessdly uninitiated, “UCMJ” is the Uniform Code of Military Justice, basically the rule book for courts martial.

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