More about Orphan’s Journey

Today brought a new review of Book 3 in the Jason Wander series, from north of the (U.S.) border, at Canada’s  Book Reviews and More.     How can I not mention a review that calls Orphan’s Journey “a great work of science fiction and a commentary on war and the burdens of leadership.”

The review follows on the heels of SFF World’s review,, which calls Orphan’s Journey  “an exciting, action-packed page turner.”


2 Responses to “More about Orphan’s Journey”

  1. Steven R. McEvoy Says:

    Thanks for the link back. I can not wait for the next installment.

  2. Brian Hunt Says:

    Just found Orphan’s journey at my local supermarket..Brilliant! I thought that the series was done after Destiny so I couldn’t be more happy. Looking forward to Alliance and Triumph!

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