The New Jason Wander Books, and the latest about London, Capetown, and Denver

Jason Wander Book 4, Orphan’s Alliance, is as done as I can make it, and will reach store shelves October 28, 2008.  Book 5, Orphan’s Triumph, is sliding down the ways to an August 1, 2008 turn-in date with my lovely, talented and overworked editor, Devi Pillai.  If that sounds like more authorial sucking up than usual, it’s because Devi graciously extended my turn-in date due to circumstances beyond my control, in the form of a tornado that visited us here in North Atlanta in late May.

The wind didn’t amount to much compared to our years in Kansas, where the distinction between an abnormally windy day and a tornado was whether, when you came up out of the basement, the house was still there or gone.  Seriously.  This itty bitty wind provided enough distraction to get a few square miles around us declared a disaster area, but, happily, no injuries to anyone.  Long story short, Orphan’s Triumph should still arrive in stores as scheduled, in Spring, 2009.

In other developments, the also lovely, talented, and overworked editor of the Jason Wander books in the UK, Little Brown Orbit’s Bella Pagan, advises that the first three Jason Wander books will be released in their very own UK-specific skins in August, 2008, with future volumes tracking US releases.

If you have the good fortune to find yourself on Kloof St. in Capetown, South Africa in August or September, 2008, stop in at Reader’s Paradise Bookstore for the Second Annual Fantasy Feast.  Among other things, you will be able to score autographed copies of the first three Jason Wander books.

If you have the good fortune to find yourself on the 16th Street Mall in Denver August 7-10, 2008, duck over a couple blocks to Denvention 3, the 2008 World Science Fiction Convention.  I’ll be there, holding forth about Robert Heinlein, Paleontology in Science Fiction, and Space Law.  I’ll also be signing books and meeting folks at Kaffeklatches.  Details to follow.    


4 Responses to “The New Jason Wander Books, and the latest about London, Capetown, and Denver”

  1. Jerry A Taylor Says:

    As a fellow Georgian and former combat infrantryman myself, I want to thank you for the interesting hours of diversion your novels have provided myself, family and many friends.

    While recently shopping in a Barnes and Nobles in the Kennesaw, Georgia area, I picked up a paperback copy of Orphan’s Journey for a friend that recently returned from combat duty in Iraq.When I got home and was packing it up to ship to him, I was suprised to find what appeared to be your signature on the title page. If it is your signature, I am sure my friend will be thrilled, as your first two novels were very propular to be read items in his unit.

    It is authors such as yourself, David Drake, John Scazli, Robert Heinlein and others that remind readers that a warrior is many things, but all too often a vulnerable human being inside that fearsome shell.

    I look forward to perhaps having the opportunity of shaking your hand and thanking you personally at DragonCon.

  2. robertbuettner Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, and for your service, Mr. Taylor. Yes, I’ve signed books at the Kennesaw, GA, B&N.

    It would be my pleasure to meet and greet you and other readers at Dragoncon. I don’t have my DragonCon appearance schedule, yet, but will post it on this ‘blog and on the website as soon as I do.

  3. » Blog Archive » Orbit Links for July 04 2008 Says:

    […] Buettner has posted a progress update on his Jason Wander series (books one to three out now from Orbit US, published next month by Orbit […]

  4. robspits Says:

    Very nice!!

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