Orphan’s Alliance

For all of you who have been clamoring (Don’t take that wrong-Orbit and I are flattered) for information about the next (fourth) book in the Jason Wander series, Orphan’s Alliance, here’s the cover.  The “November, 2008” release date has been moved up, minutely, to October 28, 2008. 

Orphan’s Alliance can be pre-ordered from Amazon, now, for delivery when it’s released.  Meantime, the first chapter of Orphan’s Alliance actually is included at the back of Orphan’s Journey, in case you hadn’t noticed. 


5 Responses to “Orphan’s Alliance”

  1. Phil Says:

    Not so sure about that cover Mr B …looks like someone’s taken a picture of their favourite GI Joe. Just fininshed Orphans Journey – once again a killer read *thumbs up*

  2. ResilientMonkey Says:

    Very awesome! I can’t wait! Keep up the good work 🙂 Hope I don’t sound too much like a crazed fan 😉 I do enjoy your books though.

  3. www.orbitbooks.net » Blog Archive » Orbit Links for June 30 2008 Says:

    […] Buettner reveals the cover art for Orphan’s Alliance, the fourth book in his Jason Wander series of military sf novels (click the thumbnail on his site […]

  4. NivekNYC Says:

    That’s great! I just read all three Orphan’s books last week after they were recommended by a bookstore clerk when I was looking for a Jon Scalzi.

    The odd thing BTW, is that I bought the first, paperback, on the recommendation on the store clerk )big military sci fi fan) and the second two as ebooks and read em on my blackberry (very handy).
    Occurred to me that the more I bought ebooks the less I supported the book store and the clerk who was a major military sci fi fan. Dilemmas dilemmas.

  5. robertbuettner Says:

    Actually, a surprising number of readers have told me that they buy books online, then, if they like the way the story is going, also buy the book at the bookstore to have the art and to read more conveniently. I’m too set in my ways to abandon paper books, and I can’t imagine buying both versions for a $30 hardback, but I guess it makes sense for the Jason Wander books, because they are published as mass market paperbacks. Therefore, the price of an unbeatably convenient ebook download ($3 and change after discounts, depending on format) plus the price of the first-edition paper book is still significantly less than the price of a $12-$18 trade (ie., bigger format) paperback.

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