Write-in Candidate Steals Election!

Well, not exactly.  But the votes have been counted, and a clear favorite emerged between the Jason Wander series’ “retro red” original covers and the “nouveau tan”  photo-real covers that replaced them on April 1, 2008.

One vote for “nouveau tan” actually came from the Czech Republic, and also praised the swashbuckling art Fantom Print uses on its Czech-language translations.  Therefore, I counted that ballot also as a write-in for those covers.  Czech them out (sorry – who could resist?) for the first two books, Orphanage (“Sirotcinec”) and Orphan’s Destiny (“Sirotkuv Osud”) here:   http://www.fantomprint.cz/cz/serie/sirotcinec/

Posted comments on this ‘blog favored “retro red” covers 3-2.  But most of you cast your votes via email. 

Overall Results, all ballots:  Nouveau Tan Covers:  64%; Retro Red Covers: 36%

About the prize:  It has occurred to me that most people who visit this ‘blog already have the books, and my autograph, trust me, is not that sexy.  So watch this ‘blog for a NEW contest with different prizes.

But, in this contest, the random-drawn winner of a free book is Paul T., an email voter from Chicago.  Paul, I’ll also email you to get your book choice and a snail mail address where you would like your choice sent. 




3 Responses to “Write-in Candidate Steals Election!”

  1. Dalibor Zeman Says:

    Dear Sir, Czechoslovakia devided into two sovereign states: Czech Republic and Slovak Republic in 1991 🙂

  2. Robert Buettner Says:

    Dalibor – Thanks for pointing out my error. My mind, like the weaponry in Orphanage, is still back in the Cold War. I have corrected the post.

  3. craig s Says:

    I liked the retro cover – I wouldn’t have started reading if I hadn’t seen red, an m16 clone, and dirty armor on orphanage. You’re now my favorite sci-fi author (followed closely by leo frankowski) I look forward to reading the new one and may actually drive from chattanooga to a book signing.

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