The week that was

The second most frequent question that writers yet to publish ask is “what’s your day like?”  The most frequent is, “where do you get your ideas?”  (Answer: If I knew, I would open a charge account there)     

Usually, my day is like the day of any contemporary office worker.  Commute.  Sit down at the desk, check email, respond to the ones that need a response, then try to catch up with what you are behind on.

The differences?  My commute is fifty feet.  I don’t have to process emails from corporate, or from HR, or from angry clients, or from stressed supervisees, mostly just from happy fans.  What I am behind on is invariably the next book, and being behind is a necessity for me, because what I write when I’m not under time pressure sucks.

This past week, however, a number of items, ah, assisted in providing me additional time pressure.

Monday:  Because Orphan’s Journey just came out, drive to most of the bookstores in metro Atlanta to say hello, and to autograph books in stock.  A full-day job, even with a nav system.  Enjoy when a store CRM (Community Relations Manager) is so excited to see me that she calls her husband, who is a huge Jason Wander fan, at work and asks him to guess who is standing across from her helping her unload books.  (Guess:  The UPS guy?)  Enjoy less when another store’s employee asks whether Little Brown is a local vanity press.  (Answer:  Mostly.  But I think they may have paid advances to Poe, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and James Patterson.)

Tuesday:  Touch base with Alex Lencicki, Orbit’s marketing and publicity wizard about the favorable Orphan’s Journey review featured in Science Fiction Weekly, and my interview piece to run later in the week on SciFi Wire, and about ideas to flesh out my future appearances calendar.

Wednesday:  Realize that I have totally screwed up my future appearances calendar, and write mea culpa  to resolve conflict.  Prepare Q&A for a “Guest ‘Blog” with fellow Orbit author Jennifer Rardin, who writes Urban Fantasy about vampires and women in tight leather pants.

Thursday:  ‘Blog with Jennifer.  Realize that her ‘Blog graphics are sexier than mine, and so is her writing.  Receive from my Agent, and review, contracts from my Czech publisher to sell Czech language rights to Orphan’s Journey.    Pat myself on back for, as a former corporate lawyer, reviewing my own contract.  Realize that I have a fool for a client.

Friday a.m.:  Receive from Orbit, and begin to turn around, the copy-edited manuscript of the brilliant next book in the Jason Wander series, Orphan’s Alliance.  Realize as I read that I am even less brilliant than I thought I was when I turned in the rewrite.

Friday night, late:  Realize that not only am I unbrilliant, I am farther behind on Book 5 than I was on Monday.  Commute fifty feet and call it a week.


2 Responses to “The week that was”

  1. Eduardo Says:

    That’s what i call a packed schedule, all right. Congratulations on your new book, i read it in a single sit, so absorbed was I in it, i even forgot to eat all day. Keep up the good work!

  2. Robert Buettner Says:

    Eduardo –

    Thanks. Go get a sandwich.

    – Robert

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