SciFi Weekly reviews Orphan’s Journey

A lead item on SciFi Channel’s SciFi Weekly, out today, is its review of Orphan’s Journey.  I’ve never before been billed above reviews of the DVD for Swamp Thing the Series and the Heroes Soundtrack, but then, who has?  I always look forward to SciFi Weekly’s reviews of my books, because they’re written by the always-insightful Paul DiFilippo, whose encyclopedic knowledge of SF, and of literature in general, teaches me more about where my stories came from than I ever realized.  My favorite parts of Paul’s review:

“[The Jason Wander Series] faced at its climax a crisis in its own success. It had replicated (through a unique Buettner filter) the virtues and modalities of Heinlein’s Starship Troopers…to perfection. But…what could possibly come next?
The answer, in…this third installment…bears more than a little resemblance to first-generation Star Trek, a blend of Andre Norton, H. Beam Piper and L. Sprague de Camp. It’s a yeasty and attractive mix.
Buettner maintains his previous record of excellent action sequences. Jason continues his arc of maturation…the new…characters are zesty…Readers of the first two volumes will find plenty of rewards here, and they can rest assured that the fourth book will expand into even stranger territory.”

Read the whole review at


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