The Big Fat Booklist

I’ve begun getting inquiries about which of the five Jason Wander books mentioned on the new edition’s flyleaves are now available.  So here follows My Big Fat Comprehensive Book List of all books and editions now in print and to come, so far as I know:

Available in book stores and via online retailers since April 1, 2008:

Book 3, Orphan’s Journey, Little Brown Orbit Mass Market Paperback*-includes a chapter from upcoming Book 4, Orphan’s Alliance.

Book 2, Orphan’s Destiny, Little Brown Orbit Mass Market Paperback*-this reprinted edition includes an afterword about the genesis of the Jason Wander series and a chapter from Book 3, Orphan’s Journey.

Book 1, Orphanage, Little Brown Orbit Mass Market Paperback*-this reprinted edition includes an author interview and a chapter from Book 2, Orphan’s Destiny.

To be released November, 2008:

Book 4, Orphan’s Alliance, Little Brown Orbit Mass Market Paperback*-this edition will include a chapter from upcoming Book 5, Orphan’s Triumph.

To be released Spring, 2009:

Book 5, Orphan’s Triumph, Little Brown Orbit Mass Market Paperback*

* Each of the 5 books in this edition of the series has or will have a star on the book spine (Like a General’s shoulder brass, get it?) containing a number identifying the book’s place in the series sequence.  All the books in this edition are/will also be available for purchase as electronic downloads for the Amazon Kindle, as well as in other e-book formats like Adobe, MobiPocket and Palm.

Also available in book stores and from online retailers since 2004-2005:

Book 2, Orphan’s Destiny, Time-Warner Aspect (the publisher’s former name) Mass Market Paperback.

Book 2, Orphanage, Time-Warner Aspect Mass Market Paperback.

These editions are identifiable by the “Buck Rogers Retro” cover art by Fred Gambino, showing Jason in red armor.  Both were reprinted several times.

Available from Science Fiction Book Club, and from a few book resellers, since about 2005:

Book 2, Orphan’s Destiny, SFBC Hardcover.

Book 1, Orphanage, SFBC Hardcover.  

These editions share the “Buck Rogers Retro” cover art of the first-edition paperbacks, and also, I believe, went back for reprint.

Foreign Language Editions

Chinese:  Book 1, Orphanage, and Book 2, Orphan’s Destiny; from Science Fiction World; Trade Paperbacks, both released in 2007.  Orphanage was also, I believe, serialized in SFW’s monthly magazine, which is the largest-circulation SF/Fantasy magazine in the world.  The covers are bold blue-gray, black, and blood-red, although in the translation the Slugs have apparently morphed into mega spiders.

Czechoslovakian:  Book 1, Orphanage (“Sirotcinec“) was released in 2006 by Fantom Print in mass market paperback.  The cover soldier wears rust-colored Warsaw-Pact-style armor, with AK-47 blazing.  Book 2, Orphan’s Destiny, is due out from Fantom Print later in 2008.

Spanish:  Book 1, Orphanage (“Orfanato“), was released in Spring, 2007, by Factoria de Ideas in Trade Paperback, with the Buck Rogers cover.  Book 2, Orphan’s Destiny, will be released in Trade Paperback by Factoria de Ideas in June, 2008.

Russian:  Book 1, Orphanage, was released in 2006 by AST in Hardcover, with a buzz-cut two-gun soldier on its cover.  Book 2, Orphan’s Destiny, was released in 2007, also by AST in Hardcover, I believe as a two-book compendium also incorporating Book 1.  The cover gunfighter has grown his hair out and wears a headband, au facon de Rambo.


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