Navigating the Amazon

Orphan’s Journey officially appears on store shelves in a few days, but is already selling briskly via Amazon.       

So fans are already writing that they love it.  One urged me to create more books, faster, because otherwise she has to watch Bachelorette reruns.  Fair enough.  I’m lucky enough to call fiction writing my job, and I love it. 

The catch is publishing.  Downstream from us authors, people choose jobs in the business of publishing because they love to create wonderful books.  However, to survive, publishers must create books that are not merely wonderful, but books that readers buy, in preference over competing entertainment.  What books do readers buy?  Books that other readers tell them are wonderful.  Today, telling others happens mostly via the Internet.

So, here’s the thing.  It makes my day when you take a minute to write me -or any author – about a book you love.  But if you really want to influence the publication of more books you love, when you take the time to write an author, also take a minute and write one of those brief 5-star reviews on Amazon, and shout out to blogs you visit.

Well, gotta goThey’re rerunning Bachelorette Albania Part Deux.


3 Responses to “Navigating the Amazon”

  1. ResilientMonkey Says:

    Wow! I must say that “Orphan’s Journey” is a fantastic book!

    I received it as a gift and unfortunately have not read the other books in the series. I will need to go buy them and read them now!

    Definitely a book that I did not want to put down!

    I read up on the book after reading it and saw a few reviews that compared you to Heinlein. I’m not sure I concur, however your book is amazing and I greatly look forward to reading more!

  2. Dan Says:

    You go Robert!Love your books,I picked up Orphan’s Journey, read it, and raced to the bookstore to find the 1st & Second! Keep on writing!

  3. John Hanton Says:

    Well I just finished Orphanage and immediatly purchased both Orphan’s Destiny and Orphan’s Journey because I enjoyed Orphanage SOOOOO darned much.

    OK it’s Starship Troopers… but it’s got something better than Starship Troopers… It’s based nearer in the future and I like that… Also it’s Troopers WITH MULTIPLE BOOKS…

    I remember really looking forward to the Starship Troopers movie when I heard about it and raged after I left the movie theatre… Hollywood just didn’t get the book… I have to say that Robert’s not only got it he’s reinvented it and made it better (something I never would have thought would have been possible)…

    So thank you Robert for such a satisfying book… I’m now just about to start Destiny…

    Oh but you did get one thing wrong… no way would they have put all the vehicles and heavy weapons on a single dropship… The term is “Point Source Failure”… no self respecting senior NCO would allow such a thing 😉

    Here’s looking forward to the next books too… any dates as to when the last two books are due to come out?

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