Time Travel in the Real World

“Time begins to slow down with higher speeds…at the speed of light it stops totally and beyond that begins to run backwards.”  So said Einstein.  But for that pesky constancy of the speed of light, backward time travel would be as easy as forward time travel. 

Every filmologist knows how easy forward time travel is.  Charlton Heston rockets off into space at near the speed of light.  Therefore, time slows down for him.  By the time he gets back, much more time has passed on Earth, and fundamentalist orangutans have seized control.

Real world example:  It is already April 1, 2008 in Australia.  I know that because Orphan’s Journey won’t be released in bookstores until April 1, 2008.  But Orphan’s Journey has already made Australia’s Galaxy SF/Fantasy/Horror Bestseller Top 10 list.  So reports Sydney’s Galaxy Bookshop, Australia’s oldest SF/F/H bookseller.

So, if you’re bound Down Under, pack heat.  It could be a Koalaocracy down there by now.


One Response to “Time Travel in the Real World”

  1. Jennifer Rardin Says:

    Those Aussie’s know how to live, eh? Crap on March, we’re moving right on to April so we can read Bob’s bestseller. Way to go!

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