Q&A about Today’s Tibetan Unrest and Orphan’s Journey

News reports leaking from Tibet this morning tell of rebels in Lhasa suppressed by Chinese tanks.  Coincidentally, Orphan’s Journey begins with Tibetan rebels battling Chinese tanks.  Orphanage, the story of an invasion that responded to city-destroying surprise attacks, appeared a few months after the invasion of Iraq, and one reviewer called Orphan’s Destiny “positively prophetic,” because it treated government reponse to disasters, just as the Hurricane Katrina debacle unfolded.  So, were the Jason Wander books designed in advance to be contemporaneously relevant on their release dates?

Do I look like Nostradamus?  No.

So what were the books designed to do?

Tell a story.  By happy coincidence, an early reader’s brief review of Orphan’s Journey just posted at SFFWORLD.com summarized the Jason Wander series to date, so I don’t have to.  Read the whole thing at http://www.sffworld.com/forums/showthread.php?p=454368 

Bottom line: 

“the [first] book [is] fast, funny but sometimes tragic…in the second book, Jason…gets in trouble again…in the third book…Jason is still in trouble…surprising things happen and strange secrets are revealed that carry this series to another level.  Highly recommended for anyone who likes mil-sf, or adventure sf for that matter. And some say that people do not write sf as in the so called Golden Age.”


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