Orphan’s Journey is out!

I’m pleasantly surprised to report that Amazon is already shipping the third Jason Wander book, though it isn’t scheduled to be available in bookstores until April 1, 2008.  Amazon is also shipping the new-cover reprints of the first two books, Orphanage and Orphan’s Destiny.  I just received copies of all three finished new books from Orbit, myself.  They look great, though I’m biased.  And I’ll never get over the demise of the marvelous original covers, by Fred Gambino.  But then, I don’t have to, because Fred gifted me with signed originals which will forever hang on the wall behind my writing desk.

The reprints contain additional material, notably an interview added to Orphanage.

I also just got the almost-final cover art for Book 4, Orphan’s Alliance, which will be released in November, 2008.  If the Orphan’s Journey art has a “Halo Master Chief” look to it, with the green armor and opaque faceplate, Book 4 looks more “post-apocalyptic Terminator.”  I’ll post it on my website when it’s nailed down, and you’ll see what I mean.  Let me know how the books look to you when you see them in stores, and I’ll pass the word back to Orbit.


One Response to “Orphan’s Journey is out!”

  1. Joseph Says:

    Well I just recently picked up Orphan’s Journey.

    I remember when I first got Orphanage, it was at a science fiction convention in Boston, at which I met Orson Scott Card.

    As a bonus for the price of admission, a free book was included on entrance. After scanning the covers (yes, I’m evil) of the various books available, I picked the one that looked most interesting, which happened to be Orphanage. It was added to my backlog. Months later, I sat down, and enjoyed it so much I blew threw it in one sitting. I eagerly awaited Orphan’s Destiny, which was also of high quality and also lasted all of a day.

    I’m really looking forward to diving into Orphan’s Journey, and I didn’t know there were to be later installments-I noticed in the inside cover there are 2 further books planned.

    Furthermore, to actually answer what you “asked” us–about the covers–I think they look absolutely superb. I didn’t even know Orphan’s Journey was out yet, and saw this white sweet lookin cover sticking out of the shelf and picked it up, suddenly realizing what was in my hands.

    Great job all around!


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