This is the Blogosphere home of author Robert Buettner

Welcome to the blog of Author Robert Buettner.  If you arrived here via , or via www.Orbitbooks , you already know me.  If you got here some other way, will introduce me and the books I write.

I’ve just returned from a stint as Literary Guest of Honor at MarsCon17, in Williamsburg, Virginia.  A terrific Con where I had the privilege of paneling with the likes of Katherine Kurtz (who looks too young to be a fantasy fiction legend) and Allen Wold (who looks just old enough).

Next up for me?  Get back to writing climactic book 5 in the Jason Wander series, Orphan’s Triumph.  Await edits of Book 4 in the series, Orphans’ Alliance  from my most estimable editor at Little Brown Orbit, Devi Pillai.  Complete preparations for the launch of book 3 in the series, Orphan’s Journey, which hits the shelves April 1, 2008.


6 Responses to “This is the Blogosphere home of author Robert Buettner”

  1. Hugo Says:

    Hi, looking forward to Book 3.

  2. Jennifer Rardin Says:

    Hi Robert!

    Just read your excerpt in Orbit’s Spring-Summer 2008 catalog. Nice! Looking forward to the full story in April.


  3. robertbuettner Says:

    Thanks, Jen. For those of you who don’t know, “Jen” is Jennifer Rardin, author of the Jaz Parks urban fantasies.

  4. Ethan Says:

    hey robert its Ethan we talked a little bit, looking forward to reading another great book 🙂

    good luck with everything.


  5. Lenin Cortez Says:

    Mr Robert,
    Man! I can’t wait to read Jason’s new adventure in Orphan’s Journey. You have done what other authors have not be able to do to me. And that its to read whole books after being out of school for so long. You are my favorite if not my only book writer. The way you describe the story it makes me feel like I’m actually there. KEEP EM COMING. Have there been any movie offers?

  6. Phil Forrester Says:

    Hi there

    Picked up a grimy copy of orphans destiny from a coffee table in the waiting lounge of my local garage. Bought my own copy the next day.
    Hook line and sinker – nice work.

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